Hannah Young grew up in West London, UK alongside a mixture of culture, colour and creativity, so its no wonder she showed early signs of an interest in art, fashion and the camera. Coming from a media orientated background she was exposed to photography from the very beginning, allowing herself to pursue her interest in the industry. Fast forward a couple decades and she has begun to carve herself a career spanning over photography, TV, fashion and journalism. Starting up her business in 2010 fresh out of university, it’s clear to see she doesn’t like to waste time. When she eventually reaches media mogul domination, you’ll probably see her residing in New York “as the biggest UK export” doing what she loves and does best!

I am bold… because I don’t care what people think. Someone’s gotta be fabulous so if I do me who else will?!

I am brilliant… because I believe in myself. Without belief, success cannot be achieved.

I am beyond the bullshit… because at the end of the day being great, fabulous and successful smell a lot better!


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