Jill Rudnitzky graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Dance from Emory University and currently works as a Marketing Executive at the michael alan group, a non-traditional agency in New York City. With a background in theater and dance, it comes as no surprise that she picked up a passion for health, fitness and wellness along the way. Jill is a pesca-vegan (her own style vegan that allows her to eat fish) and a fitness and yoga devotee. You can find her any day of the week trying out a new wacky fitness routine ranging from suspended yoga to paddle boarding on the Hudson, and just about everything in between. Or you can look for her at your nearest health food store oogling over all of the new vegan options available. Contact Jill if you’re ever looking for a fitness class or a motivational gym partner!

I am bold… and never shy away from speaking my mind.

I am brilliant… when it comes to understanding human relationships.

I am beyond the bullshit… and expect you to be too.

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