Julia Dzafic is equal parts Health Coach and Fashion Consultant. She is the founder of Lemons and Loafers, a unique lifestyle blog and coaching business that helps people live healthier and more stylish lives. She posts daily on these topics on her blog and leads week-long 360 cleanses for the body, mind, and home.

I am bold… because I live life based on principles that I believe in, not what others deem to be right.

I am brilliant… because I use my mind to do good. I work hard all day long but know that I can do more. I try to take what I know and share it with the world through my blog with a goal of making at least one person smile every day.

I am beyond the bullshit… because I work hard every day to be so. It’s easy to get caught up in the bullshit and gossip of life, and it’s a great accomplishment to rise above all that!

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