Kelly Marie Dooley is a fiery entrepreneur, the founder of and a fitness and fashion expert, having entered the fashion industry after training for a marathon and being unable to find a fabulous sports bra with a pocket. She got back from the competition with an insatiable thirst to create the bra of her wildest dreams and immediately started BodyRock Sport, which has been worn by Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and PINK.

Originally from California, now living in New York, Kelly’s view of life debunks the idea of thinking “outside-the-box.” As she says, she prefers to “break boxes.” With a desire to always inspire and empower others, Kelly encourages her cult-like followers to be fearlessly unapologetic trendsetters. In an age of utter monotony, it feels liberating to be a true independent, and Kelly fully embraces that notion.

She is also a celebrity spokesperson for The W.I.N. Foundation,® which specializes in programs of healing and empowerment. As a survivor of domestic violence, Kelly is very passionate about giving women a voice, as any form of abuse, whether it be physical or emotional, is extremely alienating. It is her mission to help women escape abusive relationships by courageously leading by example.

She is in the midst of launching a new activewear brand called STRENUE as well as The K-Do Alliance, whose mission is to provide women with the tools they need to free themselves from abusive relationships.

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