Kyla Sokoll-Ward is a certified health coach who teaches women how to let go of dogmatic food rules and live more authentic lives without the chains of food restriction and poor body image. After struggling for years living with disordered eating habits and beating herself up for her lack of both “willpower” and 4-pack abs, she decided it was time to change how she treats herself. She’s here to make the same happen for you so you can live fabulously in your wholehearted self.

I am bold… because I live my life unconventionally and refuse to settle.

I am brilliant… because I understand my body and mind’s deep wisdom and I listen – hard.

I am beyond the bullshit… FINALLY. I spent years buried under it, trying to change who I was and what I looked like to fit into a mold that was never meant for me. Now I love myself for what I am and don’t seek external validation for my choices and beliefs.


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