Nitika Chopra is  a certified life coach, a motivational lifestyle guru and the passionate, colorful and inspirational voice behind Growing up, Nitika battled debilitating health problems that made it difficult to walk with ease for many years. This challenge, among others, fueled her passion for helping individuals and has made her an empathetic resource. In 2011 Nitika was invited to speak at the prestigious REVEAL conference hosted by Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation on healing one’s authentic soul wound. She regularly interviews inspiring influencers on Burst TV, an online video channel that she produces and hosts. Harnessing the power of communities and social networks, Nitika created Colorful Conversations, a series of networking events and social gatherings for women.

I am bold… because I am willing to push myself to be my best in every moment, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it is.

I am brilliant… because I can see beyond the pain or hurt people show the world, and go right to their soul.

I am beyond the bullshit… because I don’t have time to be mean. There is enough struggle, pain and upset in the world and in our lives so I choose to come from LOVE when dealing with every human being.

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