Taylor Meadows is a Southern girl who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill where she earned a degree in public relations. (Side note: the skies in North Carolina are not just blue, but TarHeel blue.) Her passion and purpose is to make sure every woman knows that her story is important and that she is worth more than gold. She is a huge advocate of yoga and breathing.  Her favorite yoga pose is Vrksasana, tree pose. In this pose she feels strong, knowing that if the wind blows her over she has the strength to catch herself. She will bend but not break. Taylor wants to show other women that they, too, are strong enough to embrace any trial. She wants to teach her sisters to stop and BREATHE.

I am bold…  when I encourage.

I am brilliant… when I make others shine.

I am beyond the bullshit… because when women think they are not good enough or beautiful, I know we are!

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