Teirra KamolvattanavithTeirra Kamolvattanavith is a performer/writer/adventurer based in New York City. She is currently perusing a degree in Musical Theatre and Psychology at Pace University while serving as President of Tau Sigma National Honor Society. She writes for sextandthecity.org, which fearlessly and honestly explores urban relationships and connections in the age of technology. Having grown up in Bangkok, Thailand, Teirra is obsessed with travelling, discovering other cultures and promoting diversity. In her spare time, she dedicates herself to eating, petting dogs and reading murder mysteries.

As an ex eating disorder battler turned Fitness Junkie, Teirra is a keen advocate for a strong and healthy lifestyle, both physical and mentally. She aspires to live with the utmost self-love/respect and has made it her mission to encourage others to do the same. She is determined to reconstruct unhealthy/unrealistic social standards and inspire people to find beauty in themselves, rather than Photoshopped magazine covers. She’s ready to meet you beyond the bullshit.

Teirra is thrilled to be contributing to The Beauty Bean!

I am bold… for I am not afraid to fall because I know I can get back up stronger than before

I am brilliant… for my quest to inspire self-love and respect

I am beyond the bullshit… for my honest, raw and fearless approach to work/life

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