5 Summer Fruits With Beauty Benefits Inside & Out

Summer Fruits For Beauty By Alexis Wolfer We all know that fruits have health benefits, but did you know that they can help you beautify too! Well, it’s true! Both from the inside (when eaten) and on the outside (when used in topical beauty treatments)! Here’s how… Avocados Most people don’t think of avocados as […]

How To Grow Hair Faster… With Jalapeño

How To Grow Hair Faster, In Your Kitchen! It’s an old wives’ tale from Mexico, but it works when you want to grow hair faster! Whether you want your hair to grow faster either because you have thinning hair, or just hate your latest hair cut, you need to try this DIY beauty secret – […]

The Best All-Natural Quick-Fix For A Pimple

How To Heal A Pimple FAST Woke up with a giant zit this AM?! Don’t fret – and definitely don’t start double-dosing on the over-the-counter acne products that may dry that sucker out, but are far more likely to leave your skin red and irritated – and even more prone to future breakouts. Here’s the […]