How To How To Get Rid Of Bacne (AKA Back Acne) STAT

An AlexisRx Beauty Prescription For Bacne, Beauty Hack Style!     One of TheBeautyBean’s best fans from waaaayyyy back in the day when we first launched (circa 2009!), tweeted me asking for an AlexisRx beauty prescription and, well, I was thrilled to able to give back to Lexa, a girl who consistently shares all our content and tells […]

Beauty Hacks: How To Make A Homemade Face Scrub For Free

Your AlexisRx Beauty Prescription For Dry Skin Hey guys! I’m excited to share another AlexisRx beauty prescription with you! This time, I’m replying to April in New York who tweeted me asking: “Help me find a natural, organic, easy + affordable facial scrub please!  #AlexisRx” Well, April, I’m so glad you asked because this is one […]

Beauty Hacks: How To How To Get Rid Of Facial Redness With Coffee

Your AlexisRx Beauty Prescription For Facial Redness Another week, another beauty prescription for you! This time, we’re answering Bonnie’s question which asks: “I love to workout in the morning, but my face gets red + stays red for ages when I’m trying to get to work. Help #AlexisRx” Well, Bonnie (and everyone else who deals […]