4 DIY Remedies For Sunburnt Skin, From A Doctor

How To Soothe Sunburnt Summer Skin As the weather warms up and you start to peel off the layers and expose your formerly pasty skin to summer’s intoxicating sunshine, you risk the dreaded consequences of summer: irritated, sunburnt, dry, itchy, peeling, and otherwise uncomfortable skin. Before you reach for that mystery bottle of blue/green gel called […]

DIY Honey Lip Balm Recipe

How To Make Your Own Honey Lip Balm When it comes to prioritizing all natural skincare and makeup, a great place to start making the transition from conventional to natural is on your lips. Why? Well, because as gross as it sounds, you end up eating a fair amount of the products you put on […]

Home Facial for Brighter Skin: DIY Turmeric Facial Mask

DIY Turmeric Facial Recipe For Brighter Skin By Hitha Palepu Known as “the golden spice of life,” turmeric boasts a multitude of health and medical benefits.  The bright yellow powder has been used in the beauty routines of Indian women for millennia for glowing, clear skin. Especially when combined with lemon juice, tumeric produces a […]