Raspberry Facial Recipe: DIY Peel For Brighter Skin

Raspberry Facial Recipe: Chemical Peel Results, Naturally When your skin needs a serious scrub down but you don’t want to pull out the big guns and get a chemical peel, try this antioxidant-rich raspberry facial instead. It’s strong enough to reveal your brightest, most radiant complexion (the acids in the raspberries and lemon juice help to break down […]

Dark Spot Remedies: DIY Geishas’ Secret Toner For Bright, Even Skin

The Best Dark Spot Remedies For Age Spots + Sun Spots, Brought To You By AlexisRx When we first launched AlexisRx, I got an email from my amazing Aunt Suzette (related by love, not blood – Savvy Auntie Style) saying: “I have a problem. Every day when I awaken there is a new brown spot on my […]

DIY Homemade Toner For Acne-Prone Skin

An AlexisRx Beauty Prescription For A Homemade Toner For Acne-Prone Skin Hey there, Beauty Beaners! I have another AlexisRx Beauty Prescription for you! Today, I’m answering Linda’s question which asks: “What’s your favorite homemade toner for acne-prone skin? #AlexisRx” So, Linda (and anyone else with acne-prone skin – or even just enlarged pores), here you go! All you’ll need […]