Is Your Diet Ruining Your Teeth?!

Your Diet Could Be Destroying Your Teeth. Here’s What You Need To Know. We all know the basics namely: sugar is bad (hi, cavities!) and brush/floss daily. But after that, it all gets a bit muddy to how our diets affect our teeth – and what we can do about it. Are citrus fruits and tomatoes […]

Home Remedy For Cystic Acne

DIY Cystic Acne Remedy By Alexis Wolfer Ever have that moment when you feel the sore, bruised-like sensation of a clogged pore trying desperately to push its way to the surface you just know a behemoth of a pimple is about to erupt on your face, well before it’s visible? Such was my situation last week. Chalk it up […]

Champagne Benefits: 3 DIY Beauty Treatments Use The Benefits of Bubbly

By Alexis Wolfer As you get ready to pop the cork on the bubbly and ring in the New Year, you may want to think about getting a head start on the champagne – and not just because you’re either drinking to over come holiday stresses or are merely a lush (although if those win […]