13 All Natural, Organic Cleaning Products You Can Make At Home

DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products

When we think of spring-cleaning we often conjure up images of organized garages, color-coordinated closets and neatly stored sweaters. Yet, inevitably, said spring-cleaning also includes the nitty-gritty elbow-grease that comes with actually – yup, you guessed it – cleaning.

Many of us, though, (whether you have kids, pets or none of the above) don’t want to replace one kind of toxic overload (the kind that comes from piles of disorganized madness) with another (the kind that comes from the literal toxic chemicals of our cleaning supplies).

Getting down and dirty (or “clean,” if you will), however, doesn’t have to require an infiltration of toxins. Rather, all-natural, super-safe and easy-to-make cleansers are no further than your kitchen (and no, we don’t mean in the chemical abyss under the sink).

Here, Gisela Lowenstein, the creator of The Glow System, shows us how to get clean – safely, naturally and organically.

13 Ways To Naturally Clean Your Home

To Eliminate Odors. You’ve likely heard this one before, but it really does work! Just leave baking soda inside an open container in your refrigerator, freezer and closets for odor-free storage.

To Clean Clothes. Mix 1 part vinegar and 3 part water and hand rinse clothes for a natural alternative to laundry detergent. It’s especially good for clothes that discolor easily (reds or blues). Note: don’t use in the washing machine and never mix bleach and vinegar!

How to spring clean your closets!

To Remove Stickers & Crayons. Have a future-Picasso with a propensity for making your walls his or her personal canvas? Use a piece of cotton or cloth dipped in white vinegar to remove stickers and crayon markings. Just be sure to check a small area to make sure it doesn’t discolor the wall first.

To Clean Glass & Mirrors: for a natural, chemical alternative to glass cleaner, mix 1 part of vinegar and 3 parts of water. Put in a spray can and wipe away those pesky fingerprints with ease.

To Clean Garbage Disposals. Throw a few lemon wedges (or even a whole lemon) into the garbage disposal to clean out the gunk and keep your waste disposal smelling good.

To Clean Ovens & Refrigerators. Create a paste with ½ a cup of water and 4 or 5 tablespoons of baking soda. Work with a sponge or cloth to wipe down the oven or refrigerator and rinse down.

The workout that will get you fit while you clean!

To Clean The Floor. Dilute 1 part of vinegar in 3 parts of water to make a great cleaning solution for many floor surfaces.

To Unclog Drains. Pour undiluted vinegar down the drain when your tub is clogged or your skin stops.

To Get Rid of Ants. In the summers, ants can be more annoying (and gross!). To prevent ants from entering your home (or to get rid of them if they’re already in the house), place a mound of cayenne pepper wherever the ants may be entering.

To Remove Mildew. Use straight vinegar in the bathroom to eliminate mildew.

To Clean Pots & Pans. Create a paste with 1/2 cup of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of salt and 3 tablespoons of shortening to easily (and naturally) clean your pots and pans.

To Polish Silverware. Mix 1 cup of vinegar and 4 spoons of baking soda is perfect to make your silverware shine.

To Brighten White Laundry. Mix 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda to wash clothes for bleach-free, whiter-whites.

Just remember, as Gisela emphasized, “Before starting – it is very important that you always test a small area to make sure that you will not ruin the finish!”

How to have the best smelling home!