Beauty Hacks: How To Make A Homemade Face Scrub For Free

Your AlexisRx Beauty Prescription For Dry Skin

Hey guys! I’m excited to share another AlexisRx beauty prescription with you!

This time, I’m replying to April in New York who tweeted me asking:

“Help me find a natural, organic, easy + affordable facial scrub please!  #AlexisRx”

Well, April, I’m so glad you asked because this is one of my favorite beauty hacks and an AlexisRx Beauty Prescription I literally use every time I travel.

Sure, at home I’m more likely to swipe some fancy exfoliating scrub from TheBeautyBean’s Beauty Closet – but not because it’s any more effective, rather just so I can test it out and write about it here for you!

But when I travel, I travel light – and that means keeping my beauty products to a minimum and relying on DIY beauty hacks like this one!

Check out this video for more!