How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots, Naturally!

Have a sun spot or otherwise hyper-pigmented skin (hi, picked pimples: I’m looking at you!)?

Sure, you could head to the dermatologist, have a very pricy laser zapped on your skin and (after some downtime – sure, they’ll tell you there’s no downtime but, well: been there, done that!) a few hundred (if not thousand!) dollars later have a porcelain complexion.

Or, you could do this.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots

BUY IT >> Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

It’s rare I think a product is really as amazing as it claims to be, but this is! I bought this (yes, I bought a beauty product – rare, I know!) complexion-brightening serum at The Detox Market when I happened to be there with the hosts of That’s So Retrograde to show them around my favorite LA beauty destination.

Why, you may ask, would a gal who’s sent more beauty products than she knows what to do with spend money on something she could easily request a sample of? Well, because desperate times (a picked pimple that left a scar FOUR WEEKS PRIOR) call for desperate measures (buying anything that claims to fix dark spots).

And I wasn’t disappointed.

In a mere 3 days of using this gentle potion of botanical extracts and enzymes I saw the spot fade more than it had in the last 4 weeks combined! I’ve continued to use this natural retinol-like serum nightly and my complexion hasn’t looked more even – and that dark spot is almost gone.

Sure, it’s not cheap – but it’s cheaper than a laser. And, well, what’s the price of a complexion you’re pumped about anyway?!

DIY IT >> Sake + Orange Spot Treatment

Mix equal parts of sake (yup, the Japanese alcohol!) and fresh squeezed orange juice (actually from an orange, not a bottle). Use a q-tip to apply to hyper-pigmented areas. The citric acid in the orange juice helps to exfoliate and breakdown the darkened cells. And the sake, it prevents the production of melanin (which is responsible for the darkness). Apply nightly and rejoice in your even skin tone, using a secret of Japanese women for centuries!

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