DIY Lip Plumper: An All-Natural, Homemade Remedy For Fuller Lips

DIY Lip Plumper

By Francene Davidson

Pining for gorgeous lips like Angelina Jolie but not willing to undergo surgery, pump your body full of fillers, or spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products?

We hear you!

But what if we told you that you could get the same lip plumper results, all naturally?

Here are 2 all natural lip plumper tips, but shhh….. they’re top secret!

Cinnamon Oil. Did you know that many of the most expensive lip plumper’s secret ingredient is cinnamon oil? Cinnamon oil works by stimulating blood flow, making your lips appear both fuller and rose, which makes it the perfect (natural) lip plumper. Add a drop or two to your favorite lip balm and voila! The more you add, the more your lips will tingle and plump.

Peppermint Oil. Add a couple drops of peppermint oil to a teaspoon of coconut oil and use it as a hydrating lip plumper treatment.  Peppermint oil, like cinnamon oil, improves circulation, bringing more blood to the surface of your lips. The result: it causes your lips to swell. Peppermint also, though, acts as a muscle relaxant, so your lips will look relaxed, further adding to the fullness of your lips.Apply any lipstick after the peppermint oil has been absorbed.

Now you can enjoy juicy lip, all naturally… and cheaply!