An AlexisRx Beauty Prescription For Bacne, Beauty Hack Style!



One of TheBeautyBean’s best fans from waaaayyyy back in the day when we first launched (circa 2009!), tweeted me asking for an AlexisRx beauty prescription and, well, I was thrilled to able to give back to Lexa, a girl who consistently shares all our content and tells are her friends about TheBeautyBean – for which I am extremely grateful!

Anywhoo… back to the reason we’re here today… Lexa tweeted me saying:

“Any advice for acne on the back? #AlexisRx”

And, well, yes! I have loads of it for you, Lexa – and anyone else who suffers with bacne (AKA: breakouts on your back!).

Check out this video for all you need to know about bacne!

Have your own beauty concern you want an AlexisRx beauty prescription for? Tweet me and I’ll get back to you asap!

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