Puffy Eyes? Make These Frozen Cucumber Compresses

By Nicole Teh

Chew on this: Since when did staring at a computer screen all day long become something we hardly even think twice about? It has become such an inevitable scenario – whether you’re a corporate professional, stay at home mom or beauty enthusiast (checking out The Beauty Bean, of course!). Sadly, our precious peepers aren’t quite sold. So, how can you soothe your eyes after a long day of straining and squinting in front of the computer screen and reduce the under-eye puffiness and dark circles which follow?

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Make these frozen cucumber eye pads!

Cucumber has long been heralded as the DIY remedy for under-eye puffiness. With Vitamin K, cucumber skin can help to shrink capillaries, reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles and restore eye skin to a healthy state. Plus, they’re water-dense to help plump, cool, hydrate and soothe for more youthful looking eyes.

DIY Frozen Cucumber Eye Pads

1 large cucumber
10-15 cotton pads

Blend cucumber (with skin) at high speed until liquified. Add small amounts of water to thin, if necessary. Soak cotton pads in the fresh cucumber juice before gently  squeezing out excess juice by pressing the pads between your palms. You want to eliminate any dripping excess, while maintaining as much saturation as possible. Place pads flat and separated in a plastic sandwich bags (you can fit about 6 in each bag)  and freeze to cool and preserve freshness. When your eyes need a pick-me-up remove 2 of the cucumber pads and thaw slightly before placing over your eyes for 10 minutes.

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