Tia Mowry Opens Up About Body Image, Motherhood + Avocado In Her Hair

We remember Tia Mowry from her days on Sister Sister, but turns out: the star of our favorite 90s show is all grown up.

We sat down with the star of Style Network’s Tia & Tamera at West Hollywood’s Blushington Salon where she talked to us about food, motherhood and, of course, beauty… 

Tia Mowry: On Real Beauty

What makes you feel beautiful? Being myself. Knowing that I look and feel my best. I live a very holistic lifestyle and when I know I’m putting healthy things into my body, I feel like I’m doing my body justice. I juice every single day – my favorite juice is one my husband makes which has kale, cucumber, parsley, ginger, little bit of garlic, little bit of lime or lemon and it gives me a lot of energy.

How else do you eat for beauty? I just turned vegan! I’ve stayed away from red meat for a while, but would still eat fish. And one of my New Years resolutions was to take my health to a whole new level and I have noticed a huge change in my skin. Just by loading my diet with vegetables, getting rid of pastas and eating gluten-free and yeast-free carbs instead, like quinoa, brown rice and millet. And it’s amazing how my skin has changed. It’s glowing! People are always asking if I’m pregnant and I’m like, “no, I’m just eating really healthy right now!” And also I’m drinking lots of water.

What are your skincare secrets? I’m huge fan or Murad. I was invited to their spa in El Segundo, California and I saw a huge change in my skin, They have a vitamin C booster and anti-wrinkle cream I love and there is also this J.Lo cream moisturizer with a little glitter in it that gives you “the JLo glow.”

How has motherhood changed how you feel about your body? Motherhood has make me feel sexy! I don’t know why, it’s not as if I didn’t feel sexy before, but I think that being a mom is such an amazing experience and when you go thru giving birth and bringing life into this world, you really feel like a lioness. You feel strong. You feel sexy. You feel like you can take on anything. So I definitely feel stronger, sexier, more confident.

Do you have any DIY beauty secrets?  Avocado in your hair! Mash it up and put it in your hair, cover with a shower cap for 10 minutes and then shampoo out and it’s like a great leave on conditioner!

Photography credit: Brett Hartman/AP for Puffs 

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