10 Ways To Make Morning Workouts FAR More Likely!

10 Tips To Make Morning Workouts Doable

Not a morning person? You’re not alone!

But we all know that we’re FAR more likely to actually workout in the morning (if we can just.get.out.of.bed.) that we are when afternoon rolls around and we’re tired (and there’s a happy hour to go to!).

To make morning workouts far more likely to actually happen, try these 10 tips.

You can thank us later by showing off those guns of yours.

10 Ways To Make Morning Workouts Doable

Schedule Your Workouts. On Sunday nights, plan all your workouts and put them in your calendar. Figure out where you’ll break a sweat and how. Even better…

Sign Up For A Non-Refundable Class. Ya know what makes us more likely to hop out of bed than a workout? MONEY! Book a non-refundable class and you’ll bee seeing cash when your alarm goes off (and that’s a good thing!).

Do It With Friends. The only thing more likely to get us out of bed than thinking of $20 flushing down the toilet is a commitment made with a friend. Make plans with friends to hit the same workout classes and you’re far more likely to show up. You wouldn’t stand your BFF now would you?!

Learn How To Make Coffee STAT. By this we mean two things. First of all, learn how to make coffee. Period. Second, learn how to make it quickly! Like K-Cup quickly! Or, invest in a coffee machine with a timer you can set the night before so it’s ready when your alarm goes off.

Prep Breakfast Before Bed. Whether it’s an easy to grab banana or overnight oats, have something quick and easy on hand to eat before you head out. And, speaking of bed…

Go To Sleep Earlier. Even just 10 minutes earlier each night adds up to over an hour of extra sleep per week!

Move Your Alarm Clock. Eliminate your ability to hit snooze by placing your alarm clock far enough away that you have to get out of bed to prove you’re awake before you can shut it off.

Pick Out Your Workout Clothes Before Bed. Figure out what you’re going to wear and lay out your outfit (elementary-school style) before bed so you’re not frantically looking for a sport’s bra at 6am.

Find A Workout You Actually Like. If you hate running, stop doing it! Nothing’s more miserable than and early morning alarm to go do something you hate. Find a workout you actually like (dancing, anyone?!) and you’ll be pumped about hopping out of bed early.

Reward Yourself. Keep track of your workouts and reward yourself for your effort. This isn’t about fitness progress, it’s about honoring a commitment. Get creative!

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