Arm Toning Exercises That Really Work… And Anyone Can Do 

Stair Tricep Dips.

Sit on one of the bottom 3 steps of a flight of stairs (depending on your height/fitness level play around to find where you’re comfortable but challenged).

With your hands under your shoulders, next to your hips, walk your feet out in front of you. You ultimately want your legs straight out in front of you with your toes pointing towards the ceiling and your heels on the floor, but feel free to start with knees bent and feet flat until you’re stronger.

Make sure your fingertips point forward. Keeping your arms close to your body (so the inside of your arms hug your torso, slide your butt off the step and lower your body down by bending your elbows. Your lower back should remain vertical and close to the step.

Make sure the movement comes exclusively from your arms (and not because you’re thrusting your butt up and down in the air).

Love a good challenge? Try crossing one ankle over the opposite knee or straightening one leg up towards the ceiling.

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Dumbbell Punches.

These pretty much are what they’re name implies: boxing moved with dumbbells! Start standing with your legs a bit wider than hip width, with your knees slightly bent.

Engaging your abs (so hold your stomach in!) and with dumbbells in your hands, begin with your palms facing each other cheekbone level. (Heck, if this were a real boxing match you’d want to protect that pretty face of yours, right?!)

Alternate punching with your right and then your left, fully extending (without hyper extending) your elbows on each punch and rotating your fists so your palms face down upon extension.

Don’t have weights at home? Hit your pantry and use some canned goods!

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