Booty Busters: 3 Butt Toning Exercises

3 Ways To Tone Your Tush

If you’re looking to kick your butt into shape. Literally. We’ve got you covered.

Tone your tush with these 3 exercises from Reaghan Hayden, the creator of Fit Evolution Steel Strong, fitness DVD geared to the busy lifestyle.

Do 25 reps of each exercise, than repeat 3 more times, for a total of 100 repetitions of each exercise for all you need for a good ole booty lift!

Romanian Deadlift: Stand with feet a little more than shoulder width apart, hands behind the head, with knees soft (not locked). Hinge at the hips, bending forward, putting your body in a 90 degree angle then raise back so you’re standing straight, squeezing your butt on the way up. (You may add a weight to this move holding it at your chest for a more advanced move.) Repeat 25 times.

Side Lunge: Standing feet shoulder width apart, lunge to one side, keeping your weight in the heal of the bent leg so as to work your butt. Than push out of the lunge back into beginning position. Repeat 25 for the right leg before switching to your left leg.

Booty Bridge: Lying face up on a mat or the ground, bend your knees so your feet are flat on the ground, shoulder width apart. Squeeze your butt up and together at the same time, so that you’re lifting your glutes and lower back off of the floor, but keeping your shoulders and feet down. Bringing your butt back to beginning position. Repeat 25. For a inner thigh workout as well, keep your legs together when lifting up and down.