How to improve posture, easily

We all want to look longer and leaner, but sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help – and not only because it means you’re sedentary all day. Rather, slouching over your desk also compromises your posture, making you look shorter, less-confident and even less toned than you really are. Thankfully, Cindy Sites, the posture-perfecting founder of the Figure Method and owner of Go Figure Fitness Studios is sharing 3 easy ways to improve your posture, look taller and feel more confident ASAP!

The stretches all runners need to do!

Superman Spinal Extension. Lie on your stomach, arms out to sides in a “T” position. Lift your legs and arms off of the floor, squeezing your glutes and shoulder blades, making sure to keep your shoulders away from your ears. Hold for one count and repeat 10 times.

Forearm Plank. From the above position, move onto your toes and forearms. Your ankles should be directly above your toes and your elbows should be directly under your shoulders. Keep your fingers spread open, squeeze your shoulder blades and draw your naval up. Hold for as long as you can, working up to one minute.

More Core-Chiseling Plank Exercises!

Shoulder Press. Good posture starts with the ears, so stand up making sure your earlobes are over your shoulders, your shoulders are over your hips and your hips are over your feet. With 3-pound weights in your hands, lift your arms out in front of your chest keeping your knuckles above your wrists and your chin parallel to the floor. Now bend your elbows so they’re pointing behind you. (You’ll look as if you’re about to do a chest press.) Press your shoulders back about an inch, holding for 1 count and repeating 20 times to help open your collar bone.

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