3 Posture Enhancing Exercises

By Alix Turoff

You’ve heard it many times before from every adult in your life: “Stand up straight!””Shoulder’s back!” “Don’t slouch!”

We can almost hear mom’s voice in our ears

As we age, the importance of good posture has become all the more relevant. Having good posture can make you appear taller, more lean and most importantly, more confident. It’s quite the triple threat! T

he key to good posture is proper body alignment, which you can achieve this by strengthening the muscles of the upper back and shoulders. We consulted Alisa Wyatt, Chief Pilates Officer at Pilatesology.com on her favorite posture enhancing exercises that target this area.

All you need are two 2 or 3 pound weights (trust us, you won’t need to go heavier!)… and someplace to put all that oozing confidence!

The Bug – Sculpts the back, opens the chest and helps you stand up straight.

– From the Tabletop position, hang your arms straight down, elbows slightly bent and pointing out (like a monkey). Keep your head low as you swing the arms sideways and up, elbows slightly bent, HOLD for 3 counts.

– Return your arms with control. Repeat 10x.

Side Bend – This move sculpts and strengthens your back muscles, which, incidentally, supports your arms. If your back isn’t strong, your arms don’t work well.

– Sit on one hip, bottom hand on the mat the other on the top hip, knees slightly bent, top foot in front of the bottom foot.

– Simultaneously reach the top hand up and over your head as you press the bottom hand down to lift your body up into a side bend. Stretch from your fingers to your toes as if you’re a cat waking up from a long nap.

– Return to the starting position with control. Repeat 5x, switch to the other side.

– Bonus for more intensity: Stack your feet.

Boxing – This move creates sexy definition between the muscles of the shoulder and upper arm.

– Separate your feet hip distance apart, bend your knees and lean forward with your spine straight, abs pulled in deeply. Try not to hunch your shoulders forward; you want to make a flat tabletop with your back.

– Extend one arm forward and the other back. Resist the weights as you switch the arms simultaneously. Repeat 10x