Are You Working Out Too Much?

When it comes to fitness, more isn’t always more.

Yes, exercise is essential for a healthy life, but over-doing it can actually do more harm than good. And when it comes to getting more fit, sometimes less really is more.

Here are 3 reasons to workout less (and live more!)

1. You’ll boost your immune system.

Thinking of running a marathon? You may want to think again! Research shows thatΒ after long, depleting workouts like marathons, you’re 2 to 6 times more likely to develop an upper respiratory infection since your immune system is so severely depleted. And that depletion? It can last for weeks!

2. You’ll save your joints.

Too much pounding on the pavement can be too hard on your body, making you prone to injuries. Workout less, though, and you’ll be more likely to workout for longer, safer! Also, make sure you run with well-cushioned shoes to dull the impact on your knees, have your bike fitted to avoid strain, and, as always, listen to your body.

3. You’ll workout harder.

Instead of trying to log more time or distance during your next workout, try high intensity interval training to workout harder, not longer. You’ll not only save yourself time (one of the biggest excuses for not hitting the gym at all), you’ll also get more bang for your buck during your time spent sweating it out.

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