30 Days to BUTI-full

Memorial Day is right around the corner and if, like most of us, your fitness routine has been on a precarious decline since those January 1 workout resolutions were first set into action, celebrity trainer and yoga expert Bizzie Gold will get you back on track, all in time for summer’s kick off, with her revolutionary BUTI workout.

Ready to get BUTI-full?

Blending dance, yoga, and plyometrics, BUTI will kick your butt (err, whole body) into tip-top shape – all without your ever feeling like you’re exercising at all. (Well, minus the sweat dripping down your chest and the soreness the next day – but we sweat in a relaxing steam room and soreness just means it’s working!)

With a focus on intense hip-shaking dance moves with a base in Miami Booty Dance, Brazilain Baile Funk, Hip Hop, Crunk, and African Tribal, BUTI is designed not only to boost your energy levels and get your body toned, but also to open your pelvis in a way designed to increase self-esteem and sexual confidence. And who doesn’t want that?!

Whether you prefer to get your BUTI on at home or with others, BUTI has a fun, high-intensity, sweaty BUTI-shaking solution for you, with classes across the country (click here to find one near you!), an online subscription program with two different workout programs, and a DVD, so you can get your BUTI on anywhere, any time. And when (yes, “when,” not “if”) you fall head over heels for BUTI, you can sign up for their teacher training program too!

Our top pick: the 3-DVD box set ($49.99), which makes it easy for us to work out at home or when traveling! And with five workouts ranging from cardio fusion to intense intervals and covering everything from arms to abs, we’re sure we will neither plateau nor tire of the BUTI-shaking workout. (Well, we’ll get tired, but we won’t get bored!) Plus, it comes with a calendar that’s like a personal trainer on paper, ensuring we stay on track for the month – just in time for Memorial Day beach parties!

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