4 Quick + Easy Exercises For A Total Body Workout At Home!

Lacey Stone + I Sweat It Out With You!

Want to get sweating with celebrity trainer (and one of my BFFs!) Lacey Stone and me?!

Well, now you can!

We stopped by the Pop Sugar offices to show you all how to revamp your summer workout.

Click below to see 4 exercises you can do anywhere, anytime, for a full body workout without any equipment. You can even do it in a teeny-tiny hotel room if you’re traveling this summer – or in a park or on the beach.

Better yet, you can spot me with some serious robotic arm moves (sexy, I know!) and you even get to see Lacey almost kick me in the face, which, for the record, happened EVERY SINGLE TAKE. (Don’t worry, I still love her – and somehow managed to escape unscathed!)