We know, we know… most of the workout tips you hear, you’ve heard before. Sure, we like to think of those as friendly reminders to actually do them (instead of just reading about them), but then there are those exercise ideas that really get us excited in a “wait, that counts as a workout?!” kinda way! So, get reading (and doing!) and you’ll be fit in no time (without even realizing your exercising!).

5 Exercises You Never Thought Of

Get Gardening. Not only will growing your own fresh produce provide you with the most wholesome and nutritious fruits and vegetables for your diet, but also the act of gardening can count as a serious sweat session too. Just 20 minutes in the garden, planting, pruning or picking can get your legs burning, your arms working and your but firming. Engage your core throughout and you’ll get in a belly-busting ab workout too.

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Host A Dinner Party. Cooking doesn’t usually make you think of fitness, but all the time spent chopping, standing and stirring counts for something! Add decorating and setting the table to the mix and you’ve got yourself an easy, at-home workout that’s entertaining too (literally). Want more of a challenge? Do calf raises while stirring, squats while waiting for the timer to go off and jumping jacks whenever possible. Just be sure to shower before the guests arrive.

Dance It Up (With Yourself). Blast some of your favorite tunes (or download our workout playlist here) and dance around like no one is watching. A) because no one is and B) because you’ll get in a serious workout burn! Just 30 minutes rocking it out to Britney can get your heart racing like you’re on the treadmill, without the monotony.

Have A Picnic. By the time you scour the local farmers market for goodies and pack up your meal (bonus points for pulling from your own garden!), you’ll be well on your way to feeling the burn. Carry that basket with you well into the park (doing bicep curls while on the go if you’re really up for a challenge!) and don’t forget to tote a ball or Frisbee with you too.

Get Frisky. Sex boasts loads of health benefits ranging from the endorphin rush to the emotional connection from intimacy. But did you know that sex can also increase your flexibility and boost your stamina too? So the next time you’re dreading hitting the mats at your gym, hit the sheets instead.

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