5 Fitness Trends Coming Your Way in 2016

2016 Fitness Trends: Our 2016 Fitness Forecast

By Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

With this New Year just around the corner, setting workout goals and self-improvement strategies has probably crossed your mind by now.

After all, a healthy lifestyle routine is fundamental for achieving physical vitality, emotional balance, and even mental stamina.

But, before you start scribbling down those New Year’s resolutions, check out our Fitness Trends Forecast and get a sneak-peek into what will likely dominate the wellness scene throughout 2016…

2016 Fitness Trends Forecast

Wearable Exercise Trackers
The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) predicts that gadgets such as GPS-powered watches, heart rate monitors and other on-the-go workout devices will continue gaining popularity as the health industry merges with the technology age. So, consider investing in this ‘smart gear,’ and you’ll be on the pulse of cutting-edge conditioning.

Body Weight Training
Although high-tech gadgets are moving fitness into the digital sphere, 2016 will also signal a resurgence of old-school exercises that don’t require dumbbells, gym equipment or health club memberships. Squats, push-ups (here’s how to do the perfect one!), planks (here are a slew of plank exercises you can do at home!), lunges and other physical activities that utilize your own body weight have made a comeback, and they’re ideal for anyone who prefers a low-maintenance, do-anywhere workout regimen.

Boutique Studio Workouts
Love Classpass? You’re not alone. In fact, this New Year will continue a shift of big-budget gym conglomerates being eclipsed by smaller and more specialized facilities. The boutique fitness movement has become a status symbol in urban centers, and now these studios are cropping up nationwide as well. The individual attention, unique branding and experiential approach will make this dynamic form of exercise all the rage throughout 2016.

Holistic Wellness Coaching
This method of addressing physical, mental and emotional health as a comprehensive unit recently began trending and will acquire more momentum in 2016. These coaches create holistic wellness plans for their clients based on activity level, nutrition, environment, biology and other factors. Using elements of functional medicine and alternative healing, this personalized lifestyle program stimulates mind and body equilibrium.

Emphasis on Recovery
While exercise might be your main priority as 2016 approaches, the fitness community is also hyping an increased focus on recovery. ACE describes this post-workout process as the body’s way of adapting to “applied stimuli,” and various trends—from sub-zero cryotherapy to compression attire—will promote these essential recovery benefits.

So, now that you’re officially aware of which upcoming ‘fitness fads’ will soon be in-demand, go conquer those resolutions and become an even more accomplished version of yourself this New Year.

With renewed commitment, willpower and moxie, our money’s on you crushing 2016!