The average gym membership ranges from $350 – $850 a year, with some Americans paying even more! It’s no secret that this country needs to get in shape but tough economic times often mean the gym membership is a luxury that is no longer realistic. Forget pricey home workout appliances and even pricier gym memberships and instead get in shape without spending a dime! (Okay, maybe a dime, but you get the idea!)

5 Free Ways To Get Fit At Home

Hit Up YouTube. Sure you may find a hillarous video of babies and puppies, but your can also find killer workouts – all for free! Just a quick search and sneakers later and you’ll be sweating in no time.

Get fit in the shower with these exercises!

Make Netflix Work Double-Duty. So many of us subscribe to Netflix for Hollywood’s greatest hits, but this movie delivery service also houses several fitness videos you can play instantly on your laptop or stream to your home television. Sure, a membership to Netflix (if you’re not already signed up) isn’t free, but the $8 per month fee is considerably less than any gym membership we’ve ever found!

Virtual Jump Rope. Most fitness junkies know that jumping rope is one of the fastest ways to get your heart-rate up, but you don’t actually need a jump rope to do the moves! Rather, just fake it! Move your arms and legs in the same way you would with a jump rope and your can literally get fit anywhere – for free!

The 24 minute jumprope workout!

Check Your Local Listings. Many cable channels (and On Demand channels too!) often run workouts on various fitness channels that are free of charge to tune into! So search them out and set your DVR for at-home fitness classes whenever you want them!

Hit The Pantry. Many of us think that we need weights to “life weights” but the fact is that most of us have objects in our homes that can do the trick – without having to buy any pricy equipment. The first place to look: the kitchen! Between the canned goods, jars of condiments and bottles of water in the panty and the milk jugs in the fridge, you practically have a fully stocked weight room in your kitchen!

Beautify in your kitchen too with one of these DIY exfoliating scrubs!

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