5 Reasons Crunches Suck (And Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good)

Crunches Could Be Inefficient At Best + Bad For You At Worst. Here’s What You Need To Know!

Sick and tired of doing crunches?

Sicker and tired-er of doing them and still not seeing the results you’re after?

You’re not only not alone, you’re also likely better off skipping the crunches anyway because, well, they’re not only potentially useless (okay, fine, that’s maybe an exaggeration but we’re just oh so over them – and the fact is that there are definitely far more efficient ways to strengthen your core) but they’re also potentially causing more harm than they’re even worth.

Fitness Expert and Reebok Master Trainer, Sara Haley (the woman behind the free 28-day #SayNoToCrunches challenge) lays it out for us!

5 Reasons To Skip Crunches

They’re not going to give you defined abs anyway. Crunches alone are not going to give you defined abs. You need both cardio and to work more muscles at once to get the 6-packs abs you’re looking for.

You’re probably doing them wrong. People perform them improperly, they pull on their neck or use their upper body to lift rather than actually using their abdominals. They forget to exhale to help engage the core and close the rib cage. They move through them mindlessly not thinking about performing them correctly.

You can hurt your back. Doing crunches in excess can potentially damage your spine. If you’re not doing them correctly you have the potential of having a disc slip. Other exercises will keep your spine in a safer position.

Crunches don’t work all of your abs. Crunches only really work the surface superficial muscles. You won’t get the intrinsic core strength you can get from other core exercises that work the transverse abdominals and pelvic floor.

They can make you look pregnant! If you have diastasi recti (abdominal separation), which more than 2/3 of new moms get but anyone can have, then crunches can cause more damage then good. In fact, crunches can cause you to continue to look pregnant, even if you aren’t anymore or never have been.

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