5 Reasons To Use A Foam Roller Everyday

The Foam Roller: Your New Frenemy

When you’re tight on time and just fitting in a workout seems like cause for celebration, you should:

a) celebrate your accomplishments (because fitting in fitness what with work, families, relationships, etc is damn hard and that shit deserves a celebration!) and

b) squeeze in a few minutes each day to get down and dirty with a foam roller.

We know, you’re tight on time and don’t want to add another thing to your plate, but foam rolling could be more beneficial than those last 2 minutes of your workout – and boasts of more benefits than, well, a whole lot else! Plus, it can be done while watching TV (or on calls at work – we won’t tell your boss).

Yes, we know it’s painful (it’s why we’re calling the foam roller a frenemy and not a BFF!) and often not fun, but where it hurts is where you need it most (really, this is probably the one place where pain actually equals gain! Everywhere else, you toss that painful stuff aside and do what feels good, lady!).

5 Reasons You Should Use A Foam Roller Daily

Keeps You Flexible. Stretching isn’t the only way to increase flexibility (though you should do that too!). Rather, using a foam roller, which keeps your muscles lose and prevents them from tightening up post-exercise, will also help to keep your muscles

Reduces Stress. In the same way a massage reduces stress (fine, maybe it has something to do with soothing spa music) using a foam roller is the DIY-er’s version of a luxe massage with almost all of the same benefits – and minus the price tag!

Prevents Injury. A foam roller will not only helps to loosen you up, it also helps to roll away the fascia buildup in your muscles, helping to prevent those areas from becoming injury trigger points. Too tight and not foam rolling? You could leave yourself more vulnerable to a muscle tear!

Boosts Circulation. A quick full body foam roll helps to increase circulation from head to toe, helping to trigger your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, keeping you healthier inside and out.

Pain Reduction. Sore from a tough workout? Use a foam roller to roll out the sore areas (which painful during the process!) will help to flush out the lactic acid that built up in your muscles, immediately reducing discomfort and speeding your recovery time.

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