5 Standing Abs Exercises

How to get flat abs without doing crunches!

By Jessica Kupetz

It’s time to take a stand against weak core strength – literally!

A strong stomach and toned tummy doesn’t have to involve countless crunches or even repetitive planks. Rather, you can do standing ab exercises for six-pack abs without ever even hitting the mat.

Time Saving Gym Tips!

Standing ab exercises are just as effective as standard ab exercises – if not more so! – since simply standing with great posture requires a strong core, engages your abdominal muscles and puts you one step close to six-pack abs.

Add these specific stomach toning movements and your core will be chiseled in no time!

5 Standing Ab Exercises

KICKS. If you have a few minutes and no equipment or space, tap into your inner kickboxer. Believe it or not, front and side kicks require a great deal of core strength. Concentrate on using your abs. The mind-muscle connection helps your abs engage further with each kick. Aim for timed intervals of at least 30 seconds of continuous round-houses per side and repeat for 2 minutes.

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STANDING KNEE CRUNCHES. With feet hip distance apart, crunch your obliques by bringing your left knee and left elbow together. Here, the challenge is to engage your abs by bringing your knee up to meet your elbow, not your elbow down to your know. Feeling the burn and looking for more? Try alternating one round of kicks with one side knee crunch.

Have access to weights?

SAXON SIDE BENDS. Grab a dumbbell, weight plate or something around your house weighing between 5 and 15 pounds. Holding the weight above your head with both arms slightly bent elbows, side bend all the way to one side keeping your back straight and avoiding any twist in your torso. From your waist down, your body will be stationary. Remember to breathe through the exercise as you feel your core engaged to bring that weight back up over your head and over to the other side.

WOODCHOPS. Start standing with your feet hip distance apart, with a weight or medicine ball. Holding the weight or medicine ball with both hands, begin by starting with your weight and both hands next to your left hip. Use your obliques to bring your straight arms and weight diagonally up to the right side of your body forming one line of the letter “X”. Complete 12-15 repetitions before switching to the other side. If you’re a beginner, start by performing this standing ab exercise without weight.

AEROBIC ACTIVITY. While specific standing ab exercises target your core, you engage your abs in every movement that has you standing or sitting tall. So, remember that all the work you do in the spin room, running the track and even weighted squats have the hidden benefit of core strengthening without laying down.

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