Traveling for business (or pleasure) with no time for a workout? Think again! Even when you’re time-strapped and hotel bound (without a gym in sight), it’s important to exercise not only to maintain muscle and cardio endurance, but also to keep energy levels high. So, how do you stay fit and active when there’s no gym, you didn’t bring sneakers and you have no time? Well, you start by dropping the excuses and listening to fitness expert and founder of Step It Up with Steph, Stephanie Mansour

Jog. Just 5 minutes of jogging in place will elevate your heart-rate and increase energy.

Push-ups. Drop and do 20 push ups as fast as you can. Start on your knees, if needed.

How To Do A Push-Up

Crunches. Lay on the ground and bust out 50 crunches.

Squats. Stuck on a call? Do squats while chatting!

Stretch. Light stretching before you start the day will get your blood flowing and boost your productivity during the day.

3 Standing Abs Exercises You Can Do Too!

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