By Alexis Wolfer

We’ve heard them all. We’ve even said them all. But that doesn’t mean they’re valid. We’re talking excuses. More specifically, we’re talking about exercises excuses – those reasons why you skip out on working out. But, whether you convince yourself that you’re too tired for the treadmill or too out-of-shape for spin class, we’re here to convince you otherwise!

I’m too tired or stressed… Working out can actually increase your energy level and reduce your stress! In fact, studies show that just a 10 minute brisk walk can give you up to two hours of increased energy and lower stress levels considerably. Try working out in the morning to take full advantage of the increase in energy. And, if need be, make a cup of joe your newest workout buddy!

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I don’t know what I’m doing… Learn! Many gyms offer a free personal training session when you join so, if you’re a member of a gym, take advantage! Not a member of a gym or don’t have access to a personal trainer? Find a fit friend or co-worker and ask him or her to help you out!

I’ll never look like (insert your favorite celebrity’s name here), so why bother… Exercising is about much more that its aesthetic effects. Focus on how a regular exercise routine can strengthen your heart, boost your immunity and support mental clarity. Just remember: it’s about health not dress size!

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It’s boring… You just haven’t found the right workout for you. If you get bored running, try a spin class. Sick of the elliptical machine? Try a dance class. Can’t find any exercise you like? You just haven’t looked hard enough! We’re not saying that you’re guaranteed to ever love breaking a sweat but, trust us, if you join a gym, check out your local Y or even download some workout videos on YouTube you’re bound to find something that piques your interest. And when you get bored with that? Well, look for something else! Heck, you could even challenge yourself to try every workout you can find – and that won’t be boring!

I don’t have enough time… Make the time to add quick exercises to your already jam-packed day. You don’t need to spend 45 minutes on a treadmill to get in a workout. Instead, do calf raises while you’re brushing your teeth, squats while you’re shampooing your hair, lunges while you’re sifting through your closet… you get the idea!

I’m too out of shape… It’s a chicken-egg situation, but you have to start somewhere! Take baby steps. Set small, reasonable goals and work from there. Even if you just try to walk around the block once before work, it’s better than nothing! And, who knows, maybe soon you’ll be jogging to work.

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