Being active is as important for you as it is for your pet, so show your pet some love and get fit with Fido. Plus, working out with your dog can be considerably more fun than running in place on the treadmill. So, next time you’re thinking of skipping the gym, try one of these 6 exercises you can do with your pet instead!

Have a Race. If you have a fenced in yard, have your dog sit next to you at one spot and then, on your command, race to the other side. Dog not so well trained? Turn this into a pet-friendly take on tag and just run around after each other. 

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Take a Hike. A lot of hiking trails are pet friendly, making this the perfect way to bond with Buddy as you break a sweat too.

Play Fetch. Sure, fetch is usually a better workout for Spot than it is for you, but it doesn’t have to be. Try chasing the ball behind your dog or do squats and push-ups until man’s best friend returns.

Get Rolling. Depending on your (and your pet’s) fitness level, bike ride or roller blade with your dog at your side. Just remember that you have to get back home, so don’t go further than you can both handle for the return.

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Take a Dip. Swimming with your dog can be a great way for you both to cool off in the summer sun while also getting a serious workout. Just remember, not all dogs intuitively know how to swim and some breeds are considerably more comfortable in the water than others.

Go for a Run. Whether you run, job or even walk, getting out and getting active can be as easy as taking your dog out on a leash as heading around town. Just be sure to take your pet’s fitness level into account before heading out to make sure he or she can handle the trek.

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