6 Lower Body Exercises You Can Do At The Office

By Chrissy Fink

Women are multitask-ers by nature! (Trust us!) If you’re an avid fan of The Beauty Bean or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you already now how we love to multitask – heck, there just aren’t enough hours in the day if we don’t! So, if (like us!) you sit at a desk in your office for longer than could possibly be healthy, here’s a little something to get the blood moving in the middle of your day while at work. Just don’t forget to keep your spine long and your abs pulled in!

Calf Raises. With your high heels off, stand on your toes, keeping your knees together and your calve muscles flexed. Pulse about half way down and them pulse back up. Really squeeze your calf muscles on the way up, holding the last squeeze an extra 3-5 sec. Repeat 10 times, rest and do two more sets immediately.

Squats. Standing in front of your chair, with feet about hip distance apart, start to sit back down and, just when the top of your hamstrings touch the seat, come back up to stand. Do ten slowly, with your belly button pulled in and be careful to ensure that your knees stay over your feet.

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Sitting Abs. Sit tall in your chair, with shoulders back and down. Pull your belly button in towards your spine and hold for about 15 seconds before releasing. Take a big inhale and repeat. This can be done anywhere, throughout your day – especially on your commute – and no one will know you’re building strong abs!

Seated Leg Extensions: Sitting tall in your chair, with your knees close together and your abs engages, come onto the balls of your feet (with your shoes off). As you point your toes, straighten your legs out in front of you before slowly and steadily coming back down. If this is too difficult, start by raising one leg at a time. Repeat ten times.

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Walking Lunges. As you head to the printer or bathroom, lunge as you walk! Keep abs tight, head up to the sky and, as you take each step, lower your body  straight down so you’re your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle and is in-line with your ankle. Push yourself back up and step your back leg forward and repeat. (This is best left for those days you’re in flats! )

Leg Raises. While gossiping at the water cooler (or filling up that water bottle!), lean forward ever so slightly, pulling abs in and bringing one leg off the floor behind you. Point your toes and squeeze your glutes to slightly raise your a leg a few more inches behind you. Without bringing the toe back to the floor, pulse your leg up for ten counts before switching legs.

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