6 Reasons To Dust Off Your Rollerblades

Because Rollerblades Should Be The Next Must-Have Workout Equipment

My recent fall notwithstanding (let’s just say there was a scared dog to blame and a scraped shoulder to show for it), I love inline skating – and not just because I love any excuse to be outside and active (although I do!) but also because throwing on my Rollerblades is fun and a great, low-impact workout.

In my attempt to find more people to go inline skating with me, I figured I’d get the scoop on the benefits, with the hope that more of you will order some Rollerblades and hit the road (er, beach path) with me soon!

6 Reasons To Buy Rollerblades + Start Inline Skating

You’ll build a stronger butt. During inline skating, you perform two motions that work the glutes — hip extension and hip abduction. You also work a small, roundish muscle on the outer hip called the tensor fascia latae. And we all know the importance of a strong butt!

You’ll strengthen your thighs. Your quads are activated during inline skating as the thigh moves forward (hip flexion) and when the lower leg is straightened (knee extension). Hip flexion also causes you to work the hip flexors, which start at the base of the stomach and runs down into the top of the thigh area.

You’ll tighten your hamstrings. This muscle group gets worked throughout inline skating, as you lift your foot off the ground and move your heel toward your butt while inline skating.

You’ll tone your inner thighs. Whenever you move your thigh inward to control your direction of movement, you work your inner thigh muscles.

You’ll stabilize your core. When you inline skate, your entire core (including your abs and back) go to work producing force, balancing your body and stabilizing your spine. The faster the speed, the harder the ab workout!

You’ll work your heart. It’s the most important muscle for your health and inline skating is a great cardiovascular workout!