Fitness Myths, Debunked!

You’re trying to live your healthiest, happiest life – but are you falling for these 7 fitness myths?

Sure, lots of people believe them, but that doesn’t make them fact.

We have the scoop on the most popular fitness myths – and everything you need to know to outsmart them.

7 Fitness Myths…Busted!

Fitness Myth #1: If you’re not sweating, you’re not really working.

Fact: Sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself off, not necessarily an indicator of your level of exertion. And you can still get a great workout without breaking a sweat (for all your sweat-phobes out there)!

Fitness Myth #2: No pain, no gain.

Fact: With regard to fitness, the expression “no pain-no gain” is nothing short of dangerous. While you can expect to be mildly sore a day or two after weight-training, there is no reason to hurt during the workout. In fact, if it does hurt, you may be doing something wrong or already have an injury.

Fitness Myth #3: You should stretch before working out to preventing injury.

Fact: While stretching after a workout can be beneficial, stretching before a workout not only won’t help to increase your range of motion, but also can actually destabilize muscles, making you more prone to injury. Instead of stretching, be sure to warm up with a light cardio routine to get your blood flowing.

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Fitness Myth #4: Weight machines ensure you’re doing the exercise properly.

Fact: While it’s easy to assume that exercise machines automatically put you in the right position for executing the exercises properly, that’s not necessarily the case. Rather, it’s important to adjust the machines to account for your body shape and height in order to ensure your body is in the proper form (and to prevent the risk of injury). Not sure how to do this? Ask someone at your gym for assistance or sign up for a personal training session.

Fitness Myth #5: Lifting weights will make you bulk-up.

Fact: If you’ve been avoiding any type of weight-training because you’re scared of bulking up, fret not! You need testosterone in order to build Hulk-style muscle mass and lifting weights are actually a great way to boost your metabolism and increase bone density!

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Fitness Myth #6: More time = better results.

Fact: If you think moving into the gym is the best way to get fit, think again. In fact, overtraining can actually stunt muscle development, causing you to lose muscle! The key to getting more fit is actually to rest more between workouts. And remember this: there is no reason to spend more than an hour at the gym. If your workouts are taking much longer than that, you’re likely not working out as effectively as you could (either by wasting time between sets or by not resting enough between workouts).

Fitness Myth #7: A hot shower/bath will prevent muscle soreness

Fact: When you workout, your blood vessels dilate and muscle soreness results when lactic acid settles in those dilated vessels. The best way to eliminate this is to close those blood vessels off as quickly as possible – with cold water! While an ice bath is likely only necessary for professional athletes, a cool bath or shower will act like an ice pack for your whole body.

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