By Alexis Wolfer

We all want a toned tummy and healthy heart, but sometimes we don’t have the time to fit in our cardio routine as well as our weight circuit, abdominal series and push-up set. On those days when you’ve hit snooze one too many times and you know you won’t have time to get it all in, don’t skip out. Instead, do what many of us already do brilliantly: multi-task!

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Thanks to Stephanie Mansour, body image coach and Chicago-based personal trainer, you can now work your abs while doing cardio, easily!

2 Ways To Work Your Abs While Doing Cardio:

1.  While on the elliptical machine or out for a run, pull your naval in towards your spine, as if you were squeezing into a tight pair of pants! Keep this engagement for as long as you can as you do your cardio. Need to release for a moment? No worries! Just try to engage again as soon as possible and for as long as you can!

3 ways to work your abs, at your desk!

2.  Ready to step it up a notch? While engaging your core, try to slightly twist from your waistline as you move, following the rhythm of your arm movements. Move the arms side to side as you continue to engage the abdominals and work the obliques. Increase your core strength without spending extra time on abs.

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