If you’ve already mastered our first 3 Pilates exercises, Kate Artibee, the owner of Sanctuary Pilates and Wellness, is here to share with you 3 more moves to try. Who knows, you may just be ready to sign up for a Pilates class at your local gym soon!

Bridging. Start by lying on your back with your knees bent, arms straight by your sides with your hands and feet firmly on the floor. Curl your hips up to the ceiling and hold for 3-5 breaths. Try to press your hips up as high as you can while still allowing your spine to be long (don’t pinch in your lower back). Roll down to the floor bone-by-bone and repeat three times.

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Scissor. Start lying on your back with your legs stretching straight up to the ceiling, perpendicular to the ground, and your head and shoulders up in a crunch, like in the 100’s. Reach your hands up to one ankle and pull your shin in towards your forehead. Pulse twice to deepen the stretch in this leg before switching to pull on the other leg. Repeat this alternate pull and pulse motion ten times on each side. For a deeper stretch, keep your feet flexed and hips anchored to the floor the whole time.

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Swan Prep. Lie on your belly with you hands flat on the floor, just underneath your shoulders. Your feet will be slightly apart and the tops of your toes will be flat on the floor. Press into your hands so that your upper body begins to lift upward. Keep your shoulders down on your back and imagine you’re lifting up from the front of your chest rather than your head. Your elbows should be tightly held to your sides, and your elbows will only straighten half way, perhaps less. Hold this lift for a few breaths and repeat this motion three times in a row.

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