Alison Sweeney On Fitness Motivation

By Diana Zarowin

Ever wonder how The Biggest Loser hosts (and contestants!) stay motivated (sans Jillian Michaels yelling in their faces!)?

Us too!

Which is why we asked fitness guru and Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney to dish on her fitness motivation tips (hey, not only is she in killer shape, but also sees what works and doesn’t on the show!).

How To Get Motivated To Workout: Alison Sweeney’s 5 Tips to Staying Motivated

1. Make the decision to work out and stick to it!

2. Listen to good music as you go. (Click here for Alison’s workout playlist!)

3. Find a workout buddy or sign up for a class- do something that gives you that extra incentive to actually show up.

4. Change up what you do – go for a walk or a hike, take a spin class – just find what works best for your body and what you most enjoy.

5. Put your workout on your calendar so you don’t have an excuse to skip out!