Are Morning Workouts Making You LESS Fit?

Think setting your alarm early to hit the gym before work is the fastest way to fitness? Think again! For some people, morning workouts can do more harm than good!

You set your alarm for the crack of dawn, yawn your way to your coffee machine and hazily get your butt to the gym before the sun has even begun the rise. You’re driven, motivated and focused on your health and fitness.

You’re doing everything right to support a long, healthy life.

Or are you?

Could your morning workout be doing more harm that good?

If you’re naturally a morning person and hitting the sack early enough to still bank 7-8 hours of shuteye, you go, girl! Morning workouts, no matter how early, are a great way to start your day if you’re naturally primed to morning exercise and not compromising your sleep schedule in the process.

If, however, you’re instead losing an hour or two of sleep in order to make it to the gym before work, well, you may just be better off hitting snooze and sleeping in – and not only because a lack of sleep can leave, you well, sleepy. Rather, in skipping sleep for sweat, you may actually end up less fit in the long run – and potentially even more prone to type 2 diabetes!

Tend to go straight from desk to dinner without time for an evening sweat session? Try doing short 8-10 minute workouts (which can include a brisk walk around the block, squats in your office, planks between meetings or jumping jacks at your desk) 3 to 4 times a day. In fact, studies suggest that shorter intervals of fitness throughout the day may even be more beneficial to your health and helpful in achieving your fitness goals than one 30-40 minute workout.

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