By Jessie Leventhal

Bigger may be better when it comes to diamonds, rubies and emeralds, but when it comes to our time spent at the gym, well, not so much. No matter your fitness goals (yes, even you tri-athletes better listen up!), overdoing it at the gym is a sure fire way to keep you from achieving your goals.

6 signs you’re overdoing it at the gym…

Cramping, nausea and vomiting. If you’re getting cramps, feeling nauseous or vomiting, you’re likely dehydrated and suffering from an electrolyte imbalance. This can even cause you to pass out, which, needless to say, can be seriously dangerous (especially if you’re holding a heavy weight or currently on the treadmill).

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Heart palpitations. If you notice your heart is beating irregularly (not just too quickly but rather out of rhythm), slow down, cool down and take it easy. Also, talk with your doctor. This can be a sign of something more serious than just working out too hard.

Muscle fatigue. When your muscles start quivering, shaking or even “collapsing,” this isn’t the time to fight through it with the “no pain, no gain” mentality. Rather, muscle fatigue can be the first sign your body sends you to slow down before you suffer a serious muscle pull or strain or even ligament or joint damage. So, listen up!

Loss of menstruation. If you’ve been working out too hard for too long (and not refueling properly) it’s possible to stop menstruating. Often caused by your body fat percentage dropping too low, this can have serious (and long lasting) side effects on your natural hormonal cycles and fertility.

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Muscle deterioration. It may seem impossible for your muscled to start deteriorating when working out too hard, but the fact is that your muscles may be eaten away as a result of your body having used up all its readily available glycogen for fuel.

Inability to catch your breath. While feeling a bit winded is perfectly normally, if you’re unable to catch your breath, it may be an indication of a respiratory condition restricting the level of oxygen your body needs.

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