By Alexis Wolfer

We know you’re time crunched and that finding time for the gym sometimes just isn’t possible. Well, you have time to get to work or walk your dog (we hope!) so why not multitask and make your walks into mini-workouts! Even those short strolls to the subway or the bathroom throughout the day add up, so take advantage! Try doing these two moves every time you’re walking and you’ll have toned arms in no time (or at least by spring time!). Just don’t blame us for the funky looks you’ll get as you walk by your co-workers on your way to the water-cooler – but feel free to give us all the credit for the envious stares you’ll get come spring when you’re showing off those sculpted shoulders, toned triceps and bulging biceps!

Have a bit more time? Try this total-body workout you can do at home!

Amazing Arm Move #1:
Great for working you shoulders, upper back and even your abdominals, this exercise is perfect for the exercise-novice and expert alike. With both hands in fists near your hips and your palms facing in towards your body, drag your fists up your body to your armpits. Be sure to maintain contact between your fists and torso and to keep your elbows higher than your hands the entire way. Engage your core muscles as you concentrate on squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling your elbows back as you raise your hands. Lower your hands back to starting position and repeat.

Increase the effectiveness of (and cut time from) your cardio workouts with this quick tip!

Amazing Arm Move #2:
With your hands in fists, start with your hands at your armpits, palms facing in, with your elbows out to sides at shoulder height.  Maintaining your elbow position, slowly swing fists down and out until your arms are fully extended, parallel to the ground, with your palms facing behind you. Bend elbows to return to starting position and repeat.

Work your abs at your desk too!

If these moves are too easy, create muscular tension in your body by resisting the movement with your opposing muscles (as if you’re doing the exercises through water, or even sand). Still not challenging enough? We say it’s about time you invest in hand weights to carry with you wherever you go!