BodyRock Sports Bras: helping you rock-it at the gym

While getting to the gym is often hard enough, looking good while there is nearly impossible. If you’re anything like us, you usually throw on a pair of leggings, put on a boring sports bra and grab a raggedy tee. It’s no wonder you (or is it just us?!) feel self-conscious when you run into someone you know while on the treadmill. Don’t worry; we’re not here to suggest you start dolling-up for the dumbbells. What we are suggesting, though, is that you give cuter workout gear a try – even if just to make yourself feel more self-assured. Kelly Dooley, creator of BodyRock Sport, had the same idea.

Hoping to empower women to feel confident and to have fun while at the gym, BodyRock features fun colors, unique fabrics and distinctive embellishments. The debut collection (which just launched this month) contains everything from somewhat simple black to color-blocked neons adorned with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, grommets, chains, zippers and even fishnet.

Designed by an avid runner and workout enthusiast, you can also rest assured that these fashion-forward sports bras don’t compromise comfort or functionality. All styles have tag-less labels to prevent irritation, are designed with wide elastic bands for stellar support, boast of smart details like built-in iPod pockets and zippered compartments, and enable you to wear a heart rate monitor comfortably. And where most fashionable fitness clothes exclude bustier women, BodyRock features a style (aptly named “Lock ‘em Down”) specifically designed for women in need of extra support.

Even if you don’t (yet) have the confidence to workout wearing just your sports bra (don’t worry, we sure don’t!), in the same way donning a pair of red undies makes you feel sexier (even though, arguably, no one will see them), so too will these sports bras, even if they are only ever worn under that raggedy tee.

BodyRock Sports Bras, $70.00 – $94.00,