3 Butt Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

When the weather is nice and you’re off from work, who wants to spend the day (or even an hour) at the gym? You want to be outside, relaxing, enjoying the surf and sand. That being said, you also want a toned tush to show off in that booty-baring bathing suit. So, what’s a girl to do? Tough decisions, we know!

Getting fit, however, doesn’t have to relegate you to the confines of a rec-room. Instead, hit the beach in that bikini of yours, enjoy the crashing waves and sensational sunshine and do these fast and effective beach-bound, booty-busting moves from Reebok Global Instructor, Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Consultant, Sara Haley.

Booty-Busting Beach Workout

Start on all fours with shoulders directly over hands and hips over knees.  Extend right leg directly behind you to six o’clock and lift the leg up off the floor without crunching your back.  Pulse up 3 times.  Keep the spine long and carry your leg counterclockwise to 5 o’clock – pulse up 3 times, carry your leg to 4 o’clock – pulse up 3 times.  Go back the way you came, pulsing again at 5 and 6 o’clock.  Continue for four rounds and then switch legs.

Driving to the beach? Do these easy exercises in your car!

Lay on your back in the bridge position  (knees up, arms flat on the floor, butt and lower back lifted off the floor). Pick your toes up off the floor, so your weight is in your heels. Squeeze and pulse your cheeks together (do not thrust up) for eight  counts and then lower down.  Repeat 4-8 times.  This is a very small movement that fellow beach-goers might not even see, but you can definitely feel!

Lay on your chest with hands under forehead and feet flexed, so your heels are in the air.  Press heels together, squeeze your glutes (butt cheeks) to lift your straight legs off the floor, so your knees are lifted.  Squeeze a little harder to lift your thighs off floor and continue to pulse up for 20-30 reps.

Feeling strong?  Add some ankle weights!

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