By Jessie Leventhal

While many of us dread going to the gym, we relish a night out dancing with our girlfriends. That night out at the club, though, (as enjoyable as it may be,) can also be quite the killer workout. (If you’ve ever woken with sore quads after a night of dancing you know the drill!) So, why not make all your workouts dance parties? If you’re a member of Equinox (or practically any other large gym chain), you practically can!

Here are 4 dance classes (read: parties) that are not only fun, but also great workouts. Suddenly Monday mornings spent at the gym seem (almost) as enticing as a Saturday night out on the town.

Nia dance class allows you to express yourself and your body through different types of martial, dance and healing arts. The movements let your body, emotions and spirit free to run loose for a great cardio class toped with terrific toning. No matter what shape you’re in, anyone can find enjoyment in this class.

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DANCEology is all about cardio! Prepare to twist, shout and get your groove on while listening to everything from hip-hop to lyrical music. You will be moving and dancing like you never expected at this high intensity dance class!

DANCE THE DECADES brings you back through time. No matter your age, come prepared to dance to every decade of music! Whether it’s disco, pop or twist, your body will not stop grooving! You won’t even realize that you are actually getting fit in this time-machine of a class.

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COREYography, invented by Corey Hill, will literally make you sweat from the second you walk into the class until the moment you leave. Every style of music will play as the energy of the class increases! You are definitely guaranteed an entertaining but tough class!

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