Sober Dance Clubs: The Latest Fitness Trend

Daybreaker Makes Being Sober In A Nightclub At 6am A Good Thing.

While being in a nightclub at 6am usually means you partied WAY too hard, likely made some terrible decisions, and are apt to feel like death for the next 24 hours (48 hours if you’re over 30), Daybreaker is here to change that.

Part workout, part dance therapy, and all fun, these new sober morning dance parties are shaking up the way we think of fitness (boring) and clubbing (destructive) and making both exponentially better (for you, at least!).

The brainchild of Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer who craved a healthier, cleaner, sober alternative to New York nightclubs, Daybreaker caters to the surprisingly large overlap of people who love nightclubs in theory, but prefer green juice to tequila and want to be in bed by midnight.

Also fans: people who hate working out, but love dancing it out.

Held bi-monthly across the country (locations vary, sign up for their email list for more information) Daybreaker is a crack-of-dawn sober dance party with celebrity DJs (think: DJ Bones and Jason Bentley); bars stocked with coffee, granola, and yogurt (provided for free by sponsors); and anything-goes fun.

It’s like Burning Man Lite.

You’ll dance with hundreds of strangers, you’ll sweat, and you’ll see people in onesies, face paint, and tutus.

Everyone will be nice, pumped to be there, and inclusive.

You’ll all be sober.

And it will all be over 8am (complete with a group meditation to close it out).

Sure, the first time I went, as I waited for a friend to pick me up well before the sun rose, even the early riser in me strongly questioned my decision making skills. But, 20 minutes later, twirling around the dance floor I couldn’t have been happier to be there.

It was an f’ing blast.

And then you’re off to work… with your workout behind you (my Health app counted over 10,000 steps in under 2 hours!) and your day off to a kick ass start.

Really, there’s no better way to start your day than inhibition-free, sweaty, and dancing it out with strangers.

Trust me.

Daybreaker, locations vary worldwide,

Photo Credit: Daybreaker