DIY PiYo (AKA Pilates + Yoga): 6 PiYo Exercises You Can Do At Home

Pilates + Yoga = PiYo, Plus 6 Exercises To Try

Spend any time with group fitness novices and they’re apt to confuse pilates and yoga.

Sure, both involve bare-feet, a mat, and manipulating your body, but well, that’s often where the similarities end.

Where yoga typically focuses on flexibility and static holds punctuated by a push-up like flow (or vinyasa), pilates tends to focus on core-centered movements; where yoga only uses props occasionally (or to accommodate for inflexibility), Pilates relies on an assortment of props with regularity.

Chalene Johnson, though, saw something else in the regular confusion of Pilates and yoga: possibility.

As the creator of PiYo, a workout that combines Pilates and yoga, Chalene brings together the flexibility of yoga with the muscle sculpting of Pilates for a total-body, low-impact, no-equipment-needed workout that’s great for all fitness levels and that you can DIY at home!

Click here to learn more about PiYo and, in the meantime, try these 6 PiYo exercises from Chalene.

6 PiYo Exercises You Can Do At Home

PiYo Push Up
Begin standing in a hip width parallel position, bend at the waist and walk the hands down the legs with a flat spine, until they reach the floor.  Then walk the hands out to a plank position in 3 movements, and then keeping the elbows tight to the torso, perform a tricep push-up by bending both elbows and bringing the chest towards the floor.  After 3 push ups, walk the hands back towards the feet, curl the spine all the way up to standing, and keeping the feet together, perform squat with the hands clasped in front of the chest, for 3 reps.

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Lunge Back Tap
Standing in a hip width parallel position, step the left foot back into a straight leg lunge, as the right knee bends to 90 degrees.  Leaning forward at the waist, but keeping the abs engaged and chest lifted, tap the left fingers to the inside of the right foot.  Return to standing and repeat.

PiYo Pike
Begin in a plank position, shift the left arm towards the center of the mat, open up the right arm towards the ceiling, and turn on to the sides of the feet to they are staggered with the top foot in front.  Next, reach the right arm down and across the torso as the hips drive up towards the ceiling creating an upside down V.  Lower the hips, reach the right arms and chest towards the sky and repeat.

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Begin lying on a mat, back to the floor, knees pulled into the chest.  With hands behind the head and elbows wide, extend the right leg out and just above the floor, as the right elbow twists towards the left knee.  Keep the lower back pressed into the ground and the abdominals in a scooped position.  Switch the legs and twist the torso in the opposite direction.  Continue to alternate and repeat.

Sumo Burpee
Begin standing, arms extended overhead and feet wider than hip width and externally rotated.    Bend both knees, lower the hands to the floor between the feet, and step or jump back into a plank.  Make sure the hands are directly under the shoulders, the head is in line with the spine, and the feet are together.  Next, jump or step the feet to the hands, wider than hip width, bring the torso up into a squat, and then extend both knees, reaching the arms overhead.   Repeat.

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Hip Lifts
Lying face up on a mat, knees bent up to the ceiling and arms extended long towards the heels, lift the right leg and cross it over the left, with the ankle resting just above the knee.  Next lift the left toes, drive the right heel into the ground, and bridge the hips up towards the ceiling, while engaging the abs.  Squeeze the glutes at the top of the bridge, lower the hips and repeat.

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