Elliptical Trainer Getting Stale? Rev Up Your Routine with These 3 Easy Tips

By Alexis Wolfer

The cross-training elliptical is a steady staple for most gym-going women. Its low impact movement and adjustable resistance make it worthy of its popularity.

That being said, for those of us for whom the elliptical is our only form of exercise (other than, perhaps, the daily walk to Starbucks), it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Our bodies, used to the movement of the cross-training machine, adapt and tackle the workout with less effort over time, ultimately leading us to the dreaded fitness plateau.

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Don’t get us wrong, any lifestyle that includes exercise is worthy of praise, we’re just trying to give you more bang for your buck! So while you could increase your time on the machine and crank up the resistance, for those of us tight on time and already working at a high resistance, we’ve found 3 easy ways to kick the elliptical into overdrive!

No Hands. Try letting go of the handle bars. If will force your core to actively engage in order to help you balance. If that’s easy enough, try pumping your arms like you’re running to decrease your stability even further.

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Switch Directions. Every few minutes, pedal backwards for a bit. It will help you stay focused and work your muscles in a slightly different fashion.

Squat Down. Increase the resistance and focus on squatting down as low as you can as you move. It will further engage your glutes and work your whole body more.

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