By Liz DiAlto

No time for morning run and no budget for a gym membership? No worries! You can still get your workouts in whenever you have a free moment, anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re home, on vacation, traveling for business or (perhaps on the rare occasion,) at the gym, you can workout using “just” your body weight and your iPhone (well, with Stacy’s Bootcamp App anyway), no additional equipment required.

And for those of you who are avid treadmill or elliptical fans and can’t imagine breaking a sweat without your beloved machine: we dare you! Try these 3 moves from Stacey’s Bootcamp and we guarantee your heart will be pumping and you’ll be dripping sweat after just 2-3 sets.

Centipede: This is a variation of a walkout exercise. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and, without bending your legs, (unless you’re not flexible enough, in which case bend as little as you can manage,) reach your hands to the ground. This is a core exercise, so keep that tummy in tight as you walk your hands out one by one until they’re several inches in front of your face.  From this position, walk your feet towards your hands, again, with as little bend as possible in the legs to keep the work in your core. Once hands and feet are back together, repeat 10 times.


180 Jump Squats: New twist (pun intended) on one of our favorite plyometric classics: the jump squat. Squat down like in a regular squat and, from the lowest point, explosively jump up off the ground, twisting from your core while in the air so that you land facing the opposite direction from where you started. Repeat 20 times. (You definitely want to alternate twisting right and then left to avoid getting dizzy!)


See how to do a perfect squat here!

Dive Bomber Push Ups: Think downward dog and cobra pose meet the almighty push up for a total body exercise we love. Start in downward dog position (hands on the ground, butt in the air, toes on the ground with heels stretching towards the floor) and come into a high plank (like how you look at the top of a regular push up). Do a push up before coming into a cobra position with your hips dropped down, arching lower back, with your head towards the sky. From here, do another push up and return to downward dog. Repeat 10x.

4 more core busting exercises!

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