Exercise At Home: Tone with a Towel, Nothing Else!

By Elizabeth DiAlto

Here at The Beauty Bean we love exercises that are simple, effective, can be done at home without any pricey equipment – and a workout that let’s us tone up with just a towel perfectly fits the bill! So, grab a small towel or an old tee, (preferably one you don’t love since you’ll literally be wiping up the floor with it!) find a wood, tile or linoleum surface and let’s get started…


Runner’s Lunge

1.  Fold towel up so it fits comfortably under the ball of your foot.  We’ll begin with the right leg.
2.  Slide your right leg behind you, keeping the leg straight.
3.  As you do this, bring your chest straight down towards the left knee (which will bend as you lower your right leg), drop your butt, back is straight, core in tight, and bring your finger tips to the ground. (This ending position will look like a runner at the starting line of a race).
4.  Without pushing off the ground, slowly drag your right foot back up to meet your left foot in a standing position.

Note: You will feel this mostly in your left glute (butt-cheek), and the right quad (front of thigh) and vice versa when you switch sides. Perform 10-15 on each leg.

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Side Lunge/Single Leg Squat

1.  For this exercise place the towel under the middle of your foot and keep your entire foot flat, pressing it into the ground throughout the movement.  We’ll begin with the right leg again.
2.  Slide your right leg out to the side keeping it straight, as you do this, squat into your left leg (sit down into it like you’re sitting on a chair). Make sure your left knee doesn’t cross your left toe, and that it points forward the entire time, do not let it point out to the side.
3.  When you can’t sit any lower, slide your right foot back in towards your left, squeezing through your inner thigh all the way up until you are back in a standing position.

Note: You will feel this mostly in the left glute and the right inner thigh and vice versa when you switch sides. Perform 10-15 on each leg. When you get proficient in this exercise, try adding an upper body movement (like a bicep curl) at the top!

Mountain Climbers

1.  Just when you think this brutal exercise can’t get any worse, throw two towels or T-shirts under your feet!
2.  Begin in a high plank or push up position—hands directly under your shoulders, feet together, core in tight, spine in neutral alignment.
3.  Alternate pulling your knees into your chest while maintaining this form and keeping your toes on the towels.

Note: Most clients say they feel this exercise everywhere, this will also get your heart rate up. Perform for 30-60 seconds.

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Wax On/Wax Off Pushups

1.  This is the ultimate Karate Kid inspired upper body and core exercise.  Even if you normally do pushups on your toes, we recommend trying this exercise on your knees at first to ensure safety for the lower back and shoulder girdle.  Performing this exercise on your toes requires a tremendous amount of core strength (something to work towards for sure!).
2.  Begin in a knee push up position (see high plank or push up position above, and just lower to your knees instead of your toes) with the towels under your hands.
3.  You guessed it, you’re going to wax on, wax off with your hands (paint a huge clockwise circle with your right hand on the floor with the towel, and a counter-clockwise circle for your left.  Try your best not to lean towards either side while painting your circles).
4.  Once you have waxed on and off, do a pushup. (Click here to learn how to do a perfect pushup!)

Note: You’ll feel this most in your chest, core, shoulders and arms. Perform 10-15.

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